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This is a condensed FAQ list for appropriate for public viewing. Please find the the full Members Only FAQ here.




Q: Are either Swim or Tennis open to the public? 
A: Rancho Colorados is a private club for pool, tennis, BBQ/picnic usage, Rancho Wahoos Swim Team and Social Events. Only club members and their guests may use the facility.

At this time, only Members of Rancho may participate in the Tennis Programs.

Please reach out to our Membership Director to learn more.

Q: How many Rancho Colorados members are there? Of the members how do they use the club? 
A: We have 275 families—and each family enjoys our club in different ways...

  • Swim Focus Only
    Swim Team Focus Only
    Tennis Lesson/Clinics Only
    Tennis Team Focus Only
    Both Swim & Tennis Focus

Q: Are there members other than families that live in Burton Valley in Lafayette?
A: Yes! We are proud to have a mix of families from all over Lafayette, as well as Moraga. 

For Lafayette, the benefit for families with elementary age children is that you and your children will get to establish relationships outside of your home elementary school—but before entering Stanley Middle School. 

Q: I have really little ones and not ready for the swim team or tennis lessons—does it make sense to join now?
A: We've heard time and time again from members that joined with 4 or 5 year olds they wish they'd done it sooner. We have lots to offer families with really young children including a dedicated baby/toddler pool, a shallow end in the bigger pool with wide steps and a lifeguard during open swim—as well as countless social events where you can have an opportunity to establish relationships with parents and children before they enter school. 

Q: How do I know who is on the Board of Directors and how to contact them?
A: Our board is made up of a group of volunteer members. A directory of our current board members can be found here.

Q: How can I become a board member?
A: If your interested in volunteering for a board position—please reach out to one of our current board members.




Q. Are members able to bring non-members as pool, tennis or social event guests?
A: Yes! However there are restrictions—please read about these here.

Q: What days/hours is the pool open?
A: We enjoy a long season spanning 6 months—April through end of October. And some years we open a little earlier should the weather be on our side. 
Please see our high-level* pool hours in the right hand nav on any of our Swim pages. 

*For specifics regarding early closures, late starts and closed lanes due to swim team events, meets and/or practice, as well as modified hours for Spring and Fall seasons—please see our see our Member Only area. As these details are accessible by log-in credentials—if you are a prospect, please reach out to our membership director to learn more.

Q: How big is the pool?
A: We have 6 lanes, a 9' diving area—and a 3' shallow area.

Q: Is there a separate baby/toddler pool?
A: Yes! However parents are expected to watch over their little ones as lifeguards do not oversee that pool.

A: Is there a beginner swim area that is shallow?
Q: Yes! And it is monitored by a lifeguard. The steps are large and gradual with a pool depth about 3 feet.

Q: How many swim lanes are there?
A: Lane setup varies per throughout the season—but there is a max of 6.

Q: Is there a diving area?
A: Yes! It is 9 feet.

Q: What areas of Open Swim have lifeguards?
A: The shallow end, swim lanes and diving area are all monitored by one or two lifeguards based on how busy the pool is that day. They do not monitor the baby/toddler pool. 

In the main pool, all children must exit every 45 minutes for a break. This is a good time to take a breather, reapply sunscreen or enjoy a light snack. Lifeguards will blow the whistle at the start and end of the break.

Q: Does the swim program offer lessons to any age and/or ability?
A: Our Beginner program consists of private 1:1 lessons called Learn to Swim or Gutter Guppies depending on age. Please read more about our beginner swim programs here. 

Additional private lessons are also offered through each swim coach. Please reach out to one of the swim coaches for questions and transactional details.  

Q: Can I swim laps for fitness at our pool?
A: Yes! Please see our About Adult Swim page for more information. 

Q: Does the swim team have name?
A: Yes! We are home of the Rancho Wahoos Swim Team. Go Wahoos!

Q: What is the swim team website?
A: While you can learn high level details about our pool, open swim, beginner swim, the swim teamswim team events and adult swim on this website—please visit www.teamunify.com/rcw for all things swim team related.

Q: How do I apply for a summer lifeguarding job?
A: Please contact lifeguards@ranchocolorados.com for details.




Q: Can I reserve a court for individual play?
A: No. Courts are available on a first come first serve basis. There is a sign-up sheet at both the lower and upper courts. Courts may be reserved for League play, Lessons and all Club sponsored activities.

Q: Does the Club offer a Ball Machine?
A: Yes. Ball machine use is included as complimentary in your Membership.

Q: Can I reserve the Ball Machine?
A: No. Ball Machine is first come first serve based on lower court availability.

Q: Does the Club offer a Lesson and Clinic Program for both Adults and Juniors?
A: Yes. Our professional staff offers a wide variety of lessons and clinics for the both Adults and Juniors at all levels. Please see our tennis offerings here.

Q: How do I set up tennis lessons?
A: Please email our Tennis Director

Q: Does the Club offer a Lesson and Clinic Program for both Adults and Juniors?
A: Yes. Our professional staff offers a wide variety of lessons and clinics for the both Adults and Juniors at all levels.

Q: How do I set up tennis lessons?
A: Please email our Tennis Director

Q: Is the Tennis Program year-round?
A: Yes. All of our Programming is on a year-round basis.

Q: Where can I access the Club Tennis Calendar?
A: There is a link to the calendar on the Tennis page of this website. Alternatively you can access this here.

Q: Does Rancho Colorados Tennis have a Facebook?

A: Yes. We have a separate Rancho Tennis Facebook page (from our overarching club page). It's been create specifically for tennis information and activities. Please like us.




Q: Can I park anywhere?
A: Please follow our parking guidelines here.

Q: Is there shade?
A: We have umbrellas throughout, sun shades near the toddler pool, as well as pergolas behind our diving area and over our picnic area. 

Umbrellas are available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Q: I'd like to request a pool gate code
     I lost my code to the gate—what do I do?

A: Please contact lifeguards@ranchocolorados.com.

Q: Is there a snack bar with food and drink at the pool?
A: The snack bar is only available during swim meets. It is not available during Open Swim hours.

Q: Are food and beverages allowed at the pool?
A: Yes! But no glass bottles or containers please.

Q: Can I use the BBQ?
A: During non-meet and social events, we have a 1-charcoal and 1-gas BBQ for all of our adult members to use. 

That said, at times the BBQ area and picnic tables may be reserved for a private hosted party. Please contact lifeguards@ranchocolorados.com to understand the calendar.

Until our gas BBQ is replaced—please ask a lifeguard for one of the butane lighters. For the safety of smaller children we request that you please return the lighter to one of our lifeguards after use.

Charcoal is not provided—please BYOC.

Q: Can I put our popsicles or other food items in the outside refrigerator?
A: Yes! We recommend you put your name on whatever you bring—and make sure to take left overs with you at the end of the day.

Q: Can I use the inside kitchen?
A: During non-meet or social events, members are free to use the kitchen for prep, as well as the refrigerator, freezer and ice maker. 

We recommend you put your name on whatever you bring—and make sure to take left overs with you at the end of the day.

Q: Can I hang out in the club offices?
A: No. This space is reserved for swim coaches and lifeguards only. If you need something—please let one of them know.

Q: Are there any games available?
A: We have four game for our members to enjoy. These include: a basket ball hoop, water basket ball, ping pong and corn hole. Please ask a lifeguard for paddles, balls and bean bags. 




Q: If I get a bee sting or get hurt, what do I do?
A: Let a lifeguard know as they have access to an emergency kit.

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